EXECUTIVE COACHING: BeCome the leader you’ve always dreamed of being

Most coaches scratch the surface. I help you go deeper bringing about a transformation that lasts a lifetime.

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Clients I have worked with include:

Work isn’t just work and I am glad you care.

You might be here because:

You want to stop fire-fighting, stressing, working all hours and instead have a bigger impact, work more in your zone of genius and have more fun?

Or perhaps you’re wondering how to shift gears and get to the next level, because you’re ready for more, but your feeling stuck and frustrated because the new job, deal or promotion isn’t coming as easy as you had hoped?

Or maybe things are pretty good. But you’re clear that just because you’re in charge, you don’t have all the answers and you want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve, beat your blindspots and keep yourself and your business progressing?

My name is Noomi and I help leaders and business owners like you make the people stuff easier so you can feel on top of your work, make better decisions, feel more in control, achieve greater success and have a bigger impact.

Very soon you’ll notice a freedom from your blocks, you will work through your day with greater ease, get more return on your efforts and you’ll achieve greater success with less effort. So when you look in the mirror at the end of the day, you’ll feel grateful, calm and proud.

I do things differently than other coaches with my style of Constellations coaching which means we really get to the heart of things quickly, so your personal super powers will shine brighter.


In short, I help you become the business owner or leader you have always dreamed of being.


What People Are Saying

“I would strongly encourage all to work with Noomi as what you get out of this is beyond description. Suffice to say I have worked with many coaches but no one compares to Noomi and her work using constellations.”

Jacky Griffiths

Director, Changing Conversations

“Noomi is unique in her methods and approach, and unlike any consultant I have ever met. She worked with our business, helped us clarify our complex relationships and set us on a path of generational transition of authority. Her guidance has allowed us to move forward with confidence and vision. We certainly could not have accomplished this without Noomi.”

Paul Flotken

Partner, Caravus

“I can’t speak highly enough of constellations as an approach and of Noomi as a constellations coach and teacher. I no longer am hindered by my pattern, stressed and exhausted.”

Janice Preston

Head of Macmillan Services, Scotland , Macmillan Cancer Support


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Or email me at noomi@noominatan.com if you can’t find a time that works.

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